How to brew tea

Invariables  and Variables effect taste:

  1. Invariables:Tea, including tea category, quality, roasting level, preservation method and duration. 

  2. Variables:

    • Water:Pure water, mineral water, or tap water. The percentage of the mineral will change the taste throughly. 

    • Temperature: Water temperature.

    • Amount: Amount of tea and water. 
    • Duration: The brewing time.

    • Environment: Season, timing, or air-conditioned.

    • Mood: The feelings.

    • Food: Food before drinking tea. 

simple method

One mug

Ratio: Tea:Water =1g:80c.c.

1. Hot Water:10-15 Min

2. Cold Water:In the fridge for 8-10 hours

traditional method

Tradition brewing tea method chart

Tradition brewing tea method chart