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our mission

creating a tea paradise for the beginners and connoisseurs.


OUr story

Wang Tea Taipei, founded in 1890, which is located in Dadao Cheng’s Old Tea Zone.

Wang Tea used to be a manufacturer and wholesaler for tea but has been transformed into a production, sales, and educational venue in 2004.

We further created a new room, designing a space to “Interact with Tea”.

The room made it easier for costumers to get in touch with all the products. And through the design of the room and the display of the products, it likens touring Wang Tea to as if customers are reading from a tea encyclopedia.

From the categories of tea to historical documents, all are on display within and without the factory, along with a guide explaining each display.

The 2nd floor used to be an area where female workers separated the tea, it has now become a cultural studio.

“High- class but inexpensive” is Wang Tea’s century- old business ideal.

Through “tea”, we are able to convey to our costumers a dense and great passion, we also hope to contribute to the tea business a professional yet minute strength, and to pass on the fragrance of tea for generations to come.


Our tea

Wangtea has been in tea business since 1890 so that we have well experience in making, teaching, and selling tea to our customers. The reason we can run for more than one hundred year is because we have our own secret receipt of roasting and blending tea by ourselves. We want to present the best Taiwanese tea to our customer and provide a convenient way to purchase once they go back home.

Want tea? Wang Tea.


Our history

Wangtea used to export tea to Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, and other countries. In 1975, wangtea chose domestic market to continue the tea business, since the international tea trading market was shrinking. Since 80s, Wangtea started to teach people to know more about tea through community tour, which made Wangtea like no others. Wangtea is always creating the market rather than sharing and dividing the market.


refinery process

REFINERY is a process upgrading tea from agriculture to commercial product. there are many factors, such as picking timing, temperature, humidity, and producing technique, etc., effect tea quality. sometimes it causes a lot of problem for consumers buying unstable quality tea.

we use the physical condition to SEPARATE different weights, LENGTHS, and sizes, in order to give our customer stable quality tea. the refinery process including classification, stems removing, roasting/curing, blending, and blowing. roasting and blending are the key to build our brand, which can make the tea has more personality, more "wangtea", more stable, and has enough quantity to supply our customers. furthermore, we can express our distinguish flavor and target to different market. 


Taipei wangtea enterprise co., ltd

No. 26 Lane 64, Section 2, Chongqing North Road

Taipei, Taiwan

+886 2 25559164

wangtea eslite spectrum store

3F, No. 88 Yanchang Road

Taipei, Taiwan

+886 2 66365888 #1503


wangtea taipei Nanxi store

B2, No. 12 Nanjing West Road

Taipei, Taiwan

+886 2 25676523

Wangtea taipei a8 store

B2, 12 Songgao Road

Taipei, Taiwan

+886 2 25559164


wangtea Tianmu store

68 Tianmu East Rd

Taipei, Taiwan

+886 2 25559164


wangtea tainan dreammall store

B1, 366 Section 1, Zhonghua East Road

Tainan, Taiwan

+886 2 25559164



B2, 123 Gaotie Road

kaohsiung, Taiwan

+886 2 25559164


Tea gift boxes

We also have variety of choices for gift choosing. From small souvenir to decent package for your BFF or VVIP. Each one of the packages, we ask the designers to customize the packages for us, which can fully express our spirit and our soul.