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refinery process

REFINERY is a process upgrading tea from agriculture to commercial product. there are many factors, such as picking timing, temperature, humidity, and producing technique, etc., effect tea quality. sometimes it causes a lot of problem for consumers buying unstable quality tea.

we use the physical condition to SEPARATE different weights, LENGTHS, and sizes, in order to give our customer stable quality tea. the refinery process including classification, stems removing, roasting/curing, blending, and blowing. roasting and blending are the key to build our brand, which can make the tea has more personality, more "wangtea", more stable, and has enough quantity to supply our customers. furthermore, we can express our distinguish flavor and target to different market. 



once we get the tea froom the farmers, we have to classify the quality, distinguish the ferture, and send the tea to SGS lab to make sure that all of our tea pass the pesticide residual test.


Stems Removing

We have to remove as many stems/stalks as we can, either by hand or by machine, to make the tea taste better.



All kinds of tea we have roast, from green tea to oolong tea to black tea. The purpose of roasting can not only reducing moisture for longer preservation but also can make the tea has its own personality and taste sweeter without adding anything inside.

By controlling the time and temparature, we can create different flavor, such as sweetness and aftertaste level, especially for oolong tea. A little change in time or temparature can make a huge different for the taste.



Blending is another step that can show up how good the tea factory is. We can use blending technique to control the quality and have enough quantity to supply.

At the beginning of the whole process, we have to classify the grade and the taste so we can tell which batch smells good and which batch tastes good. We will blend this two batches together to let our tea smells good but also tastes good. Besides, we can have enough quantity to supply our customers each time.

Coffee beans, wine, or whisky also have the blending process to express the taste that masters want to give their customers.

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Blowing can separate different weight instead of quality. By separating different weight, we can use the heavier ones for vacuum package and lighter craches to make tea bags, which means tea bag is not worse tea.



To pack up the tea as vacuum packs or souvenir packages.