OUr story

Wang Tea Taipei, founded in 1890, which is located in Dadao Cheng’s Old Tea Zone.

Wang Tea used to be a manufacturer and wholesaler for tea but has been transformed into a production, sales, and educational venue in 2004.

We further created a new room, designing a space to “Interact with Tea”.

The room made it easier for costumers to get in touch with all the products. And through the design of the room and the display of the products, it likens touring Wang Tea to as if customers are reading from a tea encyclopedia.

From the categories of tea to historical documents, all are on display within and without the factory, along with a guide explaining each display.

The 2nd floor used to be an area where female workers separated the tea, it has now become a cultural studio.

“High- class but inexpensive” is Wang Tea’s century- old business ideal.

Through “tea”, we are able to convey to our costumers a dense and great passion, we also hope to contribute to the tea business a professional yet minute strength, and to pass on the fragrance of tea for generations to come.