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觀察與思考了一陣子,既然是LED當道的年代,誰還在用傳統燈管?立馬衝去中華路買了一捲5m的藍色LED,一個變壓器,手刀衝回有記,開始了水電工的工作,該剪的剪,該接的接,該黏的黏,該裝的妝,叮~ 帶著緊張的心情打開了開關,跟新的一樣啊!!!泛著淡淡的藍光,內心感動流淚,太強了!是否該考慮轉行?


[Repairing] Since last time we fix our heater, we decided to repair the restroom sign, which was declared dead by the electrician, who said there is no replacement and need to change the whole set. Well, I just don't believe that.

After couple of thoughts, we went to Zhonghua road (中華路) to buy a 5m blue LED, and one transformer and started to repair it by ourselves. BOOM, there you go. A shiny new sign has reborn. 

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