Our tea

Wangtea has been in tea business since 1890 so that we have well experience in making, teaching, and selling tea to our customers. The reason we can run for more than one hundred year is because we have our own secret receipt of roasting and blending tea by ourselves. We want to present the best Taiwanese tea to our customer and provide a convenient way to purchase once they go back home.

Want tea? Wang Tea.


Our history

Wangtea used to export tea to Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, and other countries. In 1975, wangtea chose domestic market to continue the tea business, since the international tea trading market was shrinking. Since 80s, Wangtea started to teach people to know more about tea through community tour, which made Wangtea like no others. Wangtea is always creating the market rather than sharing and dividing the market.