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[公告]新的網站經過幾個禮拜的努力終於上線了,全新的感受,符合現代的潮流,支援RWD,支援中、英、日(當然會看中文的朋友們還是比較有福氣 lol ),支援SSL(天啊!怎麼這麼符合時代)。

有記名茶的舊的網站由第四代負責人自己架設,目前已經轉到 有需要找資料的朋友還是可以拜訪,新的網站一樣不假手他人,藉由科技的進步,人人都可以輕鬆架設官網(其實打到手腕抽筋),網站的資料會再慢慢建立,請各位多加利用。

有記名茶站在專業茶商的角色,官網主要是建立品牌形象,裡面包含茶葉的製造、知識、沖泡方法,當然不免俗的會有工商服務的部分,在這邊也預告有記名的購物車將於2016/10/31 Monday 改版更新,請大家忍一下,晚點再上線購買囉!


[ANNOUNCEMENT] Brand new website has gone public after several weeks of efforts, brand new UI, more modern, support RWD, support Chinese, English, Japanese (but we still have more info in Chinese lol), Support SSL (oh my God! finaly! Google please make my ranking higher!).

The old wangtea website, which built by the 4th generation, has now been transferred to . Those who need to find information can visit the old website as well. Due to the predecesor was too awesome, the next generation need to be more awesome, so we use technological to build the latest website. Everyone can build their own website easily (actually the wrist is crampped right now). We will keep updating our webiste so please use it more often expecially when you want to brew tea and you do not know how to do it.

As a professional tea business model, we are building up our brand image. The website contains tea manufacturing, knowledge, brewing method, of course, there will be a online shop.

At this moment, we also want to announce that we will update our onlineshop on 2016/10/31 to be more user friendly on mobile devices. Please wait for us if you want to buy tea at that that.

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