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購物車改版 Brand new shopping website

[公告] 在歷經數個月的時間之後,線上商店終於大改版,整個介面的設計,支援RWD、SSL,消費者可以更放心地消費,也可以更方便的用手機瀏覽頁面,如果有遇到操作上的問題,再麻煩跟我們反應,請大家多加使用。 



[ANNOUNCEMENT] Few months of hard work and waiting, the online store has been redesigned completely, including the user interface design, supporting RWD, and SSL, so that the consumers can shop safely, and can also be more convenient to browse the page on the mobile. If you have encountered any operational issues, please contact us. Feel free to click the link below.

For foreign customer, you can translate the page by google translator (sorry that it doesnt support multilanguage) on the upper right. You also can read the instructions by the link below.

Never stop improving ourselves.