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How do we classify different teas in Taiwan?
  • Green Tea is non-fermented, to be detail
    1. Pan-fired green tea

    2. steam grean tea
  • Wen Shan Pouchong Tea, from northern part of Taiwan, is 8~10% fermented and the shaped is straight. When you drink Pouchong Tea, the natural flower aroma will fulfill your mouth, and there is also a sweet aftertaste.

  • High Mountain Oolong Tea, from middle and southern part of Taiwan, is 15~20% fermented and it shaped like a small ball. Oolong Tea has natural fruit aroma

  • Tei Kuan Yin Tea is, from Muzha (Taiwan) and Anxi (China), 15~30% fermented. The shape, not as much as Oolong Tea, is curling. The feature is natural orchid aroma and special Tei Kuan Yin aftertaste. 

  • Oriental Beauty is 45~50% fermented. The main origin is Hsinchu and Miaoli. The tea leaf looks thick and big, and has various colored, such as, red, yellow and green. The tea color is bright jacinth, and the aroma is like honey and permeating with strong fruit.

  • Black Tea is 100% fermented, more detail
    1. Orthodox

    2. C.T.C

    3. Leg Cut

The higher the fermentation, the more theaflavin and thearubigin, the darker the tea. You can distinguish Green Tea (green) from Oolong Tea (yellow), and from Oriental Beauty and Black Tea (dark red), but it is not accurate to judge tea's fermentation by it's colour, because the time and the temperature of curing can transform the tea's colour. (when we use the evaluate method to brew the tea )