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Read an article on a news paper, 經濟日報, which was talking about aviation industry, saying that the numbers in the deal were enormous so sometimes the international purchasing is not only trading purpose but also diplomatic concerns.

The older generation has talked about how good the Taiwan tea industry was back then, which was more than 50% of exportation value, equal to the technology industry now. The value of tea business men was like the aviation industry now. Can you even imagine that? The government would try to "make things right" through the tea business men because "the things" should be under table and sometimes often because Taiwan did not have the relationship with those countries. It was easier for the governments to cooperate with each other through NGO. 

There was a down time for the tea business in Taiwan but we can proudly saying that tea is back on track now recently. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Tourism Bureau of Taiwan would bring some guests to Taipei WangTea (有記名茶), and we are always introducing the tea history, culture, process, and categorizing to them so that those guests could know more about us. Tea is not just for drinking but also a way to communicate with each others. Moreover, sometimes the communication while brewing tea is more important than the cup of tea we drink. It is kind of "Tea diplomacy."

2016/12/14 經濟日報 

2016/12/14 經濟日報