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 [茶具]即使每一次燒出來都已經是最完美的狀態,但為了一個目標,還是要送入火坑(誤)。一支進過 #柴燒窯 無數次的壺,熔化的落灰,成就出來的金屬光澤與質感,獨一無二。謝謝一起瘋狂的陶藝家!

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Weekend Out 7 節目拍攝

交通部觀光局要在中東推廣台灣的觀光旅遊,找來杜拜的拍攝團隊製作旅遊節目,與知名行腳節目Weekend Out 合作行銷台灣,當中走訪許多景點,有記名茶為其中之一必來景點(謎之音:中東來台灣一個weekend 夠嗎?),快來玩吧!

Tourism Bureau found a Dubai team and cooperate with Weekend Out show shooting a film in order to promo Taiwan's tourism. Wangtea 有記名茶 is one of the hotspots in Taipei. (OS: Is it long enough for middle east people coming to Taiwan for only a weekend?) Come see us and also the charcoal roasting room.



The charcoal roasting event has come to the end after two weeks of hard working. We proudly say that we really made some good tea and we were really enjoy in it though more than 200 degree celsius of heat tanning our skins. For those who attended, we hope that you learn some knowledges about not only charcoal roasting but also the raw and refinery process, especially refinery one. Please follow us on our official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and line@. Feel free to give us a call to pop up any questions or make a next reservation.